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Corvus Belli Announces Aristeia! Multiplayer Expansion

Want to face off against more than just a single foe in the arena? Soon, you'll be able to with Aristeia! Prime Time, the new multi-player expansion coming soon from Corvus Belli.

From the announcement:

We've heard you!

This expansion called Prime Time, allows the game to increase the number of players at the table.

Since the game was created, one of the main requests from you, our player fanbase, was that Aristeia! could be played with a wider group of people.

With this expansion, Corvus Belli, makes that wish come true.

The new expansion includes new add-ons and content that will improve the gaming experience. A new Running Order shared by all players, mini control panels, new action cards, new matt and loads of fun!

Aristeia! Prime Time will be fully compatible with the CoreBox and all expansions.

For Jesús Fuster, developer and coordinator of Aristeia! “With this expansion the gaming experience will be multiplied by four. The core essence of Aristeia! remains the same, but the players will discover a new way to play their favorite game ”.