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Corvus Bell Previews So-ra Kwon for Infinity

One of the upcoming releases for Infinity, So-ra Kwon is ready to take the battlefield. If you want an extensive backstory, a look at the 3D model, the stats, and even a video about them and the unit they're in, head on through and take a look.

From the article:

So-ra Kwon (or Kwon So-ra (권소라) if we stick to the Korean spelling) was a "chaebol princess", the daughter of high-ranking officials of the Jangjeom chaebol (장점, Advantage) who enjoyed a privileged life until her parents fell out of favor. Errors of judgment on the part of his father, head of jangjeom's Risk Assessment division, caused terrible economic losses to the entire conglomerate and resulted in a dispute with the Ministry of Economy within the Empire State. This led to a withering dismissal of both parents, who saw themselves on the street and with a stain on their hard-to-hide resume that condemned them to the lowest positions on Koguryo's business hierarchy.


So-ra Kwon's profile will be available next week in Army and her miniature will be released at the end of the month in the store and on your FLGS.