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Corpus Malicious Demo Book Now Available

For there to be good, there must be evil. So, it could be said that to have great good, there must be great evil. Corpus Malicious is a book all about that great evil. It's a new book coming to soon to Kickstarter to add even more evil to your D&D games. In the meantime, the developers, Dream Realm Storytellers, have posted up a free-to-download demo book for it. You can check that out now.

From the website:

This is the demo booklet of Corpus Malicious, it contains 50 pages of the 400 pages of content the book will have. Corpus Malicious will be available for our backers on Kickstarter this October. You can use this booklet in your adventures and campaigns in any way you like. Have a taste of this ultimate sourcebook, and if you like it, you can support us on Kickstarter when the campaign starts.

This book can be used by both Dungeon Masters and players for both good or evil campaigns. Do not forget that the greatest heroes are the ones defeating the most evil villains and the darkest evil is the one casting purest light away.