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Corpus Malicious Codex of Evil Up On Kickstarter

There is evil in the world. That's why most adventurers go out and fight against it. But beyond just being generic "that's bad," what about games that want to further explore just what being evil means? Well, that's where the Corpus Malicious comes in. It's a new supplement for your D&D games that expands on evilness and what it means to be evil. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In Dungeons and Dragons, stories and adventures are often depicted in black and white. Also, evil is often seen as evil, without looking at the reasons behind it. As Dream Realm Storytellers, we believe in the power of lore for much deeper stories and campaigns. So in Corpus Malicious, we will provide a lot of information about nature, reasons, and acts of evil.

The campaign is quickly approaching its funding goal (if it's not there already by the time you read this) with 29 days left to go.