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Cook's Guild Available To Pre-Order From Steamforged

The latest in the line of Minor Guilds for Guild Ball is now available to pre-order from Steamforged Games. The Cook's Guild is the Minor Guild of the Butcher's Guild. They're rough and tough on the field, ready to take out opponents and grill them up for dinner. You can get the box, as well as the faction dice.

From the website:

The Cooks are the fourth of the Minor Guilds to reveal themselves, after the Ratcatchers, Falconers, and Navigators. Allied with the vicious Butcher's Guild, the Cook's ability to whip up a buffet of blood puts these two Guilds in perfect synchronisation.

Ready to cook something up, this set includes Wellington (Captain), Pepper (Mascot), Cinammon, Roast, Sugar, Spice, Roast Ham Ball, Stewing Pot Goal Token, Prep Table 3D Terrain Piece, Tokens and Health Dials.

This product is due for dispatch March 15th 2019. No orders containing this product will therefore be dispatched before this time. Warning, not a toy! Not for use by children under three years old.