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Advertising with Tabletop Gaming News

Trying to reach tabletop gamers?

Gaming News is the premier US and UK site for reaching tabletop gamers. We publish industry specific news multiple times per day including special roll up articles on specific topics.

With more than 65,000 unique visitors each month, you ads will have wide reach but also be very targeted to people who love tabletop games, dice games, miniatures, card games and more. We ask ads to be related to tabletop gaming so our audience will provide great click through rates. If you're unsure if your ad qualifies, email us and we are happy to discuss your ads and our audience.

We offer three types of advertising areas on TGN: Side Towers, Top Banner and News Feed.

1. There are 6 side tower areas and each one is exclusive to a single advertiser each month. Most advertisers choose long-term contracts on the side towers because of their impressive reach. Discounts are available for contracts of 3 months or more. Side Towers are 160 wide by 600 tall.

2. The single banner at the top of each page carriers a rotation of ads. This is our most popular space and has the highest visibility and click-through rate. Purchasing more than one ad slot on the top banner increases the probability of your banner appears on any page view. Top banners can display up to 728 wide by 90 tall.

3. The news feed space is right below the most recent article on the home page of the site. This is an extremely visible spot as users scroll down from the first story to the rest of the news feed. We only allow 4 advertisers on the news feed at the same time so your slot is guaranteed 25% of the impressions. We also allow advertisers to purchase more than one slot and allow long term contracts on this space. This space is up to 600 wide by 250 tall.

  • We do not accept paid article placement on the site. Banner spaces are available but editorial content is not for sale.
  • Ads should be less than 100kb in size where possible
  • We can schedule multiple campaigns for advertisers with specific start and stop dates so a single ad space can be used to promote many items over time
  • We offer discounts on contracts of 3 or more months
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