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Commandroids RPG Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! And our nostalgia centers have taken a direct hit. The Commandroids RPG looks to bring the fun of all those 80s giant robot cartoons to your tabletop. Want to play your own transforming/combining/fighting robot? This is the game for you. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The rise of the Eighties brought with it so many things: music television, heavy metal fashion, Miami Vice, and a terrifying new chapter in the Cold War. But in the early part of the generation, pop culture turned its attention to a new movement out of Japan.


Voltron, Robotech, the Go-Bots, and the Transformers led a veritable invasion of robots into the public consciousness, and changed everything about how we perceive and interact with machines. At the heart of this phenomenon was the concept of the transforming robot. Suddenly, they were in disguise! The school bus, the airplane overhead, your own boombox... They could be anything.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what about the robots was the crux of their appeal: the fun, tactile nature of these puzzle toys, the thunderous presence in media, the strange relationships they had with the sort of machines that kids love… but one thing was clear. We didn’t just want to drive these big robots around. We wanted to be them. To fly, to fight, to rule the highways, the skies, and even the airwaves. We wanted to slip around undetected with a twenty-ton mechanical secret. To be robots in disguise.

As the generation grew, so too, did the mythology. There are literally thousands of hours of materials, from comics, to TV series, video games, and even some big-budget franchises based on this shared fantasy from the mid-80s. However the basis of the robots appeal are in the toys we loved and used to tell stories to each other. We snuck these characters into school with us, we grieved them when they broke, and manipulated and gave life to them. They joined us us in countless rumpus rooms and backyards for tales of courage and adventure. The stories we created in play, so long ago. 

Let’s tell them again, together.

The campiagn's a bit more than halfway to its funding goal with 17 days left to go.