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Codenames: The Simpsons Now Available

The Simpsons. They've been a beloved part of life for 30 years. And there's now a new way to enjoy the color characters of Springfield. Codenames: The Simpsons edition is available now. If you're a Simpsons fan, this is a must-have for your collection.

From the announcement:

The clouds above Springfield are parting to reveal the newest addition to The Op’s collection of hit social word games! Start singing the opening theme to Fox’s popular animated series and crowd the living room couch to play CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition, available in stores now!

With its bright yellow box to match your favorite cartoon family, this nostalgia-packed version of Czech Games’ top secret word game is perfect for bringing slapstick antics into your home this holiday season. Featuring memorable scenes and characters spanning the series’ remarkable 30-year run, CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition gives fans a chance to use their knowledge of the show to win this award-winning word and picture deduction challenge.