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Coalitions Board Game Up On Kickstarter

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars were quite a tumultuous time in France in particular and Europe in general. That sort of goes without saying, really, but it's into this crazy time that you find yourself in Coalitions, a new board game from Phalanx that's up on Kickstarter now. Who can you trust?

From the campaign:

Coalitions is a game of negotiations and conflict set in the times of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. While maneuvering between neutrality and joining one of the coalitions, players vie for the domination of Europe. Victory can be achieved by winning battles and controlling disputed territories. The game is played on a board depicting a very simplified view of Europe, a board invoking a map drawn by the diplomats during the heat of negotiations.

There are six major European powers in the game: France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire and each is made up of a number of home territories, has its generals, units and battle cards.

There are no player turns in the game. Instead, at any given turn of the Wheel of War, each nation has an Action to perform. When one player is collecting income, another one mobilizes his or her troops, another contemplates diplomatic realignment, another scores and yet another moves units and conducts battles. Regardless of the situation, downtime is further lowered due to the presence of a unique feature of Coalitions: the Activator system.

When the Wheel of War indicates it’s the nation’s Movement phase, that nation needs to point to another, non-allied nation: the Activator. Then, after executing the Movement, the nation may turn to the Activator for permission to move again for the second and even third time. That usually leads to more or less intense diplomatic negotiations.

Movement often leads to battle. The winner is the nation, which commits the greatest strength. That comes from the generals and units participating in the battle and playing battle cards. Armies in adjacent territories may support the battle adding their strength. After a victorious battle, the conquered territory can be garrisoned by the winner while the defeated units are destroyed and removed and the general retired. Any non-original or disputed territory will bring the controlling nation additional income or Victory Points.

The campaign's a little over halfway to its goal with 27 days left to go.