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Clas of Spears Historial Wargame Up On Kickstarter

Rome's armies fought in many locations against many diverse foes. In Clash of Spears, you can recreate those conflicts. March across North Africa. Head deep into the wilds of Eastern Europe. Venture up the British Isles. Clash of Spears is a new tactical wargame that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Republic of Rome rises, and duty calls! So gather your men  and launch yourself into the gritty and  bloody world of life or death skirmishes, set in ancient times.

Whether your band of warriors is changing the course of history by ambushing Dionysus the Tyrant on the streets of Syracuse, or whether you are merely trying to keep your men fed by raiding enemy herds, CLASH of spears will keep you at the edge of your seat with this fast but deeply tactical ruleset, supported by beautifully sculpted Victrix miniatures.

CLASH of spears is a fast paced, warband level, wargame to be played in 4’ by 4’ tables over 1 to 3 hours.It was designed to be fast and intuitive, while providing realistic feel, tactical depth and high impact decision making.

Gritty and personal, CLASH relies on command points and fatigue management to represent the chaos and desperation of small scale conflict. Skills and traits are used to represent the different specialties and fighting styles of the ancient world.

CLASH moves away from the massed ranks approach of traditional ancients rule sets. It has been thought of specifically for small actions, allowing units to close and open ranks as needed, and according to their preferred fighting style.

The campaign's around 6x funded with 28 days left to go.