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City of Mist Starter Set Available Now From Modphius

You gotta begin somewhere. We were all new to a game system once, and there's better and worse ways to go about getting started. I'm always a fan of starter sets. And that's just what we have here for City of Mist, the comic-book-film-noir RPG from Modiphius. They have a new starter set available, which will be the first before a bunch more releases next month.

From the announcement:

Today we're delighted to announce the release of the City of Mist Starter Set, Everything you'll need to get started in Son of Oak's acclaimed Neo Noir RPG!

The City of Mist Starter Set is available on as part of the City of Mist Collection and is launched ahead of a raft of new City of Mist print releases coming next month including the MC Toolkit, Player's Guide and MC Screen.

Inside this great value starter set you'll discover:

  • 86-page rulebook
  • Seven (7) pre-generated character playbooks (color + printer-friendly)
  • Two (2) sample cases (playable scenarios)
  • Player moves sheet (also in printer-friendly format)
  • MC moves and tracking sheet
  • Crew themes sheet
  • Printable Status Spectrum cards sheet

In this comic-book film-noir RPG, you will play ordinary individuals with legendary powers and hit the streets of a haunted modern-day city in search for answers. With a simple but powerful narrative game system and unique character motivation and evolution mechanics, City of Mist will let you experience just what happens when everyday life on the streets awakens to unfathomable mythical forces from within.