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Circadians: Chaos Oder & First Light Board Games Up On Kickstarter

Garphill Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for both Circadians: Chaos Order, as well as the 2nd edition of Circadians: First Light. You can pledge for each game individually or both together. Even available in French. Head on over and check out the campaign now.

From the campaign:

Garphill Games, in association with our international partners are proud to bring you Circadians: Chaos Order, and the 2nd Edition of Circadians: First Light.


Circadians: Chaos Order is a competitive, confrontational area control game with highly asymmetric Factions. Each Faction has unique Leaders and Attributes, all of which are upgradable within the game. They also have unique Buildings to construct and their own personal win condition. This is in addition to the global win condition of controlling all remaining Relics on the Map. Over the course of up to 6 Rounds, players will be researching, constructing Buildings, and harvesting resources. They will also be recruiting and moving Units, all in an effort to capture the ancient Relics, control Regions vital to their strategy, and gain enough Fame to be crowned the winner of Chaos Order.


The aim of Circadians: First Light is to lead a team of researchers on the recently discovered planet of Ryh. Players will need to manage their crew (dice) as they visit various parts of the planet for trade, farming, construction and research. Players will score points for negotiating with the locals, harvesting resources for the depository, upgrading their research bases, exploring the planet and collecting gems. The game is played over 7 rounds. At the end of the final round, the player with the most points is declared the winner.

The campaign's more than 3x funded with 21 days left to go.