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Chronicles of Denoa: Chapter 1 RPG Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

When you're the GM, you're in charge of creating an entire universe. Now, you can either do that from scratch, or you can let someone else do the work for you by using a Setting Guide. It also helps if there's a campaign to go with it. And that's exactly what you have with Chronicles of Denoa: Chapter 1. It's a setting guide and campaign all in one. It's also up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Denoa is a world built for storytelling. It contains a rich mythology and history that inform adventures without overwhelming them with detail. An official campaign story plays out in real time, with key events hosted at kitchen tables and game stores around the world. However, DMs and players can take things at their own pace, and choose to play the meta story, or use it's ideas to tell their own stories.


Denoa and it's official campaign will bring modern technology to bear in it's story telling. Through the use of in-store-only events, online surveys, and a dedicated app, we hope to gather your experiences and use them to shape our story. What you share with us could shape our official campaign, our next official event, or even a future product!

Unofficially you can shape the world in any way you choose. We've even built it so that you can add your own world TO Denoa. So if you like worldbuilding, there's no need to abandon your work to play Denoa. Use one of the provided options to put Denoa into YOUR world, or YOUR world into Denoa, making the story you tell uniquely yours.

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 24 days left to go.