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Children of the Beast RPG Coming to Kickstarter

I'm drawn to game that take what might seem usual and makes them different and unique. We've seen fantasy RPGs before, for sure. But I don't know of too many that have stories around them like Children of the Beast. Nexus Shift Games will be bringing this world "where mountains walk and moons crawl across the sky" to Kickstarter soon.

From the website:

You and your friends play the outcast Children of the Beast, and with your cursed blood you will consume sources of dark power, commune with wild creatures, and ultimately reclaim your lost humanity.

Children of the Beast is a tabletop rpg that uses an app, a book, or both, whichever you prefer. The app allows you to play an open-world adventure without spending hours preparing, takes the math out of combats, and teaches the game so you don't need to read hundreds of pages. The goal is to reduce how much you need to keep track of so you can focus on the story.

If that doesn't suit you, we're also offering a book with the ruleset and character creation so you can play the game however you're most comfortable with.

We want you to roll dice, play with fancy miniatures, and enjoy the company of your friends without sacrificing a deep, intricate game. The included open-world adventure in the app introduces you to this place we have spent over five years making.