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Chibi Siblings of Conflict miniatures now on KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures is well-known for their chibi line of figures. And lots of players out there have really been looking forward to new plastic Sisters of Battle figures. Well, the two are colliding as Impact! comes out with the Siblings of Conflict chibi figures over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Impact! Miniatures and Märchen Atelier have teamed together again for a 2nd line of Chibi miniatures through KickStarter. The Chibi Siblings of Conflict KickStarter focuses on futuristic warriors done in their signature chibi style. The miniatures are 30mm and a line of 12 trooper miniatures are also available to support the leaders/special characters shown in the image. Project ends on November 15th and 5 Stretch Goals are already unlocked to add on more special characters with many more planned for future stretch goals when reached.

As you can see, the campaign's already over its funding goal and onto stretch goals. It'll be on Kickstarter for another 7 days.