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Chaosmos: The Temple Board Game Expansion Up On Kickstarter

In Chaosmos, players are racing to find a cosmic egg before the universe collapses in on itself. The one holding it will survive and become the new elder race whent he next universe begins. Now, players can expand their game out with more players, new planets, new game elements and more with The Temple, a new expansion that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It will likely not go to retail, so get it now!
Expansion Features

Up to 6 players
2 new planets, Izikar and Talus Cloud
Character boards
Upgrade powers
Ally powers
New cardset - 97 cards
Favor Cards
More strategic combat
3 new Traps
Trust Locker flip card
Temple Clock, with randomly-triggered Event cards
Optional fold-out board (comes with Expanded Edition)
Faster setup time

The campaign's over 3x funded, but there's only a day and a half left to go.