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Chamomile's Guide to Everything RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

The folks over at Chamomile Has a Project has been releasing books on Kickstarter for the last 12 months. Didn't get them all? Want to fill in your collection? Wish everything was in one place? Then you're in luck, because they're currently running Chamomile's Guide to Everything, which is their full, collected works in one place. The Kickstarter campaign is going now.

From the campaign:

Do you want playable vampires, giants, dragons, werewolves, hags, pixies, driders, angels, demons, devils, and more? Do you want to play as a Golemist Artificer, Scorpion Warrior Barbarian, Lunatic Jester Bard, or Oath of the Dragon Paladin? Do you want a Beast Friend Ranger or an Arcane Knight Fighter that are actually good and fun to play? What about the brand new Elementalist, Healer, Shapeshifter, or Summoner classes? Do you want 64 new feats and 33 new spells?

Do you want new sub-systems for chases, stealth, injuries, madness, climbing huge and gargantuan creatures to stab their weakspots, chasing enemies, slicing slain dragons into all kinds of useful pieces, a magic item crafting system that's actually good, a wilderness exploration system that's actually good, or expanded rules for Animate Dead and Create Undead that make your undead minions more flexible and customizable?

Do you want to know how to write pantheons your players will care about, world history and lore your players will care about, ships and sailing rules that are actually good, how to make demons that are more than just jobbers for devils, how to design better dungeons, better cities, better hexcrawls, better magic item shops, better NPCs with a motivation and identity that makes it easy to determine believable interactions with them, how to run parties or galas or other social gatherings as actual encounters unto themselves and not just a backdrop for an assassination, or how to run not just one mass combat but an entire war? Do you want over 150 new and improved monsters including dozens of action-oriented bosses that have exciting, cinematic movesets that are easy to run and build to an exciting conclusion instead of dumping their most powerful attacks round one and then limping to the end of the encounter?

Every month for the past twelve months, I have Kickstarted and released a 40-60 page sourcebook for 5e. This book contains all of that content. I wasn't kidding when I said everything.

The campaign's close to its goal with 29 days left to go.