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Cha'alt RPG Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

When you want a little bit of everything in your RPG, you might have a hard time finding a setting that would really fit. Say you want a sci-fi-fantasy-post-apocalyptic-horror game. Are you gonna just have to make it for yourself? Not anymore, as there's Cha'alt, a new RPG setting that's up on Kickstarter now. It's got elements of all those, plus more.

From the campaign:

The world of Cha'alt started as a fairly typical medieval land with elves, dwarves, snake-men, clerics, and magic-users; steeped in superstition along with antediluvian traditions, before the Old Gods went mad.

Three-thousand years passed. The surface dwellers split from the malevolent creatures who slithered below. Those who remained on the surface lost the understanding of magic, but their civilization became a highly developed, technological empire of domed cities welcoming interstellar travelers, their massive starships hovering high above in blue skies.

But in the deep crevasses of the world, a power older than time stirred from its deathless slumber. The Ancient Gods, long forgot, had not died but continued to dream... growing chaotic and full of darkness. And those living underground hastened the Old Ones' rising because they yearned to reclaim Cha'alt for themselves.

When the Great Old Ones awakened, they were angered by the lack of worship, sacrifices, or even casual acknowledgement that they had fashioned the world and all life upon it.

Soon enough, Cha'alt was all but destroyed by those vengeful Gods, jealous of their creations' achievements and bitter that they had been forgotten. Civilization in ruins, the surface-dwellers of Cha'alt turned to barbarism as sorcery reappeared, dragons appeared in the now-magenta sky, and demons took hold once more.

Cha'alt is a mysterious world where you're likely to encounter mutant bikers with laser rifles, tentacled sandworms in the deep desert, tribal warfare as blood-splotched shamans ululate at the crimson rock, and alien pirates on anti-grav skiffs looking to steal relics of a bygone age.

My job is making Cha'alt stand out from all the other weird post-apocalyptic campaign settings. It's going to have a unique flavor, yet containing many of the ingredients we all know and love.

The campaign's coming up to 1/5 funded with still 28 days left to go.