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Catalyst Game Labs Updates December Release Dates

Everyone's always looking for packages in the mail this time of year. That includes game companies hoping to get their last releases of the year in-hand so they can be sent out to you. Well, unfortunately, Catalyst Game Labs is having to wait a little for one of theirs. But now, it's being delivered by Santa, so that's cool. Head through and see.

From the announcement:

We’ve got some news on upcoming releases to share with you today!

First, some less than ideal news: BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan, Vol. 23, initially scheduled for release this Friday, December 17, will instead release on Friday, December 24 alongside Vol. 24. We apologize for the delay caused by production issues, but assure you that a Christmas Eve double-shot of Rec Guides will close out this incredible series.

But! We’re also pleased to announce that the next chapter in the ilClan era, Tamar Rising, will be available on the Catalyst Game Labs web store and via retail distribution on Wednesday, January 19.

To whet your appetite for this exciting new sourcebook, here’s the table of contents!