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Catalyst Game Labs Running Super Camelot Kickstarter

If you're nostalgic for those Super Nintendo-era RPGs, you know, those 16-bit games where you run around on grassy fields, chopping down bushes for gems, taking out roaming monsters, and searching for treasure chests, then this game is for you. Catalyst Game Labs is running a Kickstarter for Super Camelot. Who will get the Holy Grail in the end?

A game of questing. A game of treasure. A game of slashing bushes and other stuff that is evil and things!

IN this board game, you play as one of Camelot’s finest questing for the holy grail! The first player to unlock the grail wins! You can also win by collecting enough gems to become the wealthiest in all of Albion!

This game is competitive. This game is adventurous. This game is SUPER CAMELOT!

The super expansion includes 2 new Characters, Balan and Balin, and turns your game into a 5-6 player game!

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. But you've only got 10 days left to join in.