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Catalyst Game Labs Posts Gen Con Preview

If you didn't see the stories earlier (and you've been living under a rock), Gen Con is this week. The whole gaming world is converging on the ICC, and that includes Catalyst Game Labs. They'll be here with the new Shadowrun 6th Edition and a whole bunch of extras. Like what? Like see below.

From the post:

Gen Con is a week away, which means we’re really close to seeing lots of people from the Shadowrun community, soaking in Shadowrun games, and indulging in a number of ways to create more Shadowrun fun!

The Catalyst Demo Team will, of course, be running a ton of games during the con, and we’ll also be demoing the new Shadowrun, Sixth World rules at the booth. You can also dive into a demo of the board game Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. It’s Shadowrun’s thirtieth anniversary, so we want to spread Shadowrun joy around. We’ll have a special display case of Shadowrun goodies from across the years for your viewing pleasure, and we’ll have plenty of new products for sale at the booth. Let’s get a look at the Shadowrun items you’ll be able to pick up at the con!