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Catalyst Announces Plans For Battletech and Shadowrun Anniversaries

My, how the time flies. can you really believe that it's already been 35 years since Battletech got started? How about 30 years for Shadowrun? Catalyst Game Labs has noticed, and they've got lots planned for those games' anniversaries this year.

From the website:

It’s time to celebrate as two of our most beloved games hit milestone anniversaries in 2019!

This year, BattleTech marks 35 years of heavy metal mayhem, while Shadowrun revels in 30 years of action and intrigue in the Sixth World.

We’re kicking off a year of celebration next Wednesday, January 23 to thank our longtime fans and set the stage for the future. Here’s a preview of what we’ve got in store—check back next Wednesday for full links to all of the exciting products on sale that day.