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Cat Tower Now Available From Renegade Game Studios

The agility of cats is well-known. They'll leap. They'll climb. They'll end up in places you never expected them to. But have you ever seen them stacked on top of one-another? Probably not so much, but you will when you play Cat Tower, the new cat-stacking game from Renegade Game Studios.

From the website:

“Meow! It looks so delicious!” Fatty Catty stares, drooling at the dried fish hung high on the shelf. It’s not just Fatty Catty, but all of the cats are attracted to it, wondering how to reach the yummy fish far beyond their leap. Maybe if they stand on each other’s backs they can grab the fish. Let’s help them make a Cat Tower!

Cat Tower is a stacking game featuring papercraft cats! Each turn, you roll the die and stack cats from your hand based on the result. Be careful! If any cats fall, you take them back. The first player to stack all of their cats wins!