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Casual Game Insider Issue 28 Now Available

Whe you want to fill your day with gaming information, a gaming magazine is a great way to do that. And while Casual Game Insider is still on Kickstarter, they've also put out their Summer issue for you to download and enjoy. As usual, it's filled with all manner of useful articles. Get your copy now.

In this issue:

Get rid of savage werewolves that have taken over your village in Silver and Silver Bullet by Bezier Games.

Plus: nine solo games to enjoy on your own, adding house rules to your favorite games, tips for finding and creating print & play games, Czech Games Edition's transformation from journalism to game publishing, and a FREE game: Paper Pinball: Wolf Hackers by Metal Snail Idea Workshop.

This issue also features reviews of Planet, Shadows: Amsterdam, Jurassic Park: Danger, Sunflower Valley, 8Bit Box, Just One, Pikoko, and a special review of Order of Invention by Major Fun.