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Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Guide Up On Kickstarter

If you're running a Castles & Crusades game, or thinking about running one, and want a really in-depth tome all about how to do it, with all sorts of extras that can be extrapolated out to any RPG, you'll want to check out the Castle Keepers Guide Kickstarter campaign. It's up and running now.

From the campaign:

The Castle Keepers Guide is one of the most detailed reference books for game masters on the market today. It includes a plethora of material to help game masters run games, develop worlds, create NPCs, organize monsters, tips on how to run games, extra combat rules, army battle rules, and so very much more. Though designed for Castles & Crusades, much of the information in this book can be applied to ANY RPG. From the discussion on Biomes to the size of towns and cities; from cave types to critical hit tables; from types of ships and wagons to aerial combat maneuvers; from how much land to award a Knight, to what kind of order a druid has. The CKG is filled with mountains upon mountains of material.

The Table of Contents says it all:

  • Expanding Characters
  • Magic
  • Expanding Equipment
  • Non-Player Characters
  • The World
  • The City
  • Dungeons
  • Air and Water Adventure
  • Equipment Wastage
  • Land as Treasure
  • Going to War
  • Monster Ecology
  • Expanding the Genre
  • Advancing the Game
  • The Siege Engine
  • Treasure
  • Iron and Sulfur: Combat
  • Skill Packages
  • Character Death and Fates  

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 21 days left to go.