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Car Wars 6th Edition Up On Kickstarter

Car Wars. I remember playing it way back in the day, long ago at The Fantasy Shop St. Charles. It was a game that was always all about making the craziest vehicles you could... and then ramming them headling into one-another. Well, the game is back, with a new 6th edition that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

After six years of design, development, playtesting, and constant refinement and improvement, we've completed the core of the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game and we're now ready for your support. 

The new core game includes:

  • 24-page rulebook, covering everything from building your car to movement and combat. All of the rules you need to start playing the game within moments of opening the box! 
  • Six 1/64 scale highly-detailed plastic car models. Pre-assembled at the factory, these miniatures are ready to paint and take into the arena. Or, for those of you who want to jump into the action quickly, use the minis unpainted; the included car bases are color-coded so that you can instantly tell which car is yours during the heat of battle. Stretch goals, if unlocked, will boost this to a total of eight different car models in the core box.
  • Four color-coded player dashboards. These thick, durable chipboard player boards include spaces for your car's external armor, tire points, power plant points, as well as your car's current speed.
  • Four car design decks, one for each of the included player colors. Using the Build Point and Crew Point mechanics, you can create a new car (and outfit your driver and gunner) in less than ten minutes! 
  • Two different internal damage card decks, one for low-point value games and one for high-point value games. Once armor is penetrated, a card is randomly drawn to determine which internal components are hit by an attack.

The campaign's already more than 5x funded with 34 days left to go.


  random_comment at Dec-4 19
$140 level has about $325+ of free add-ons, including 1/64 playmat, road tiles, miniatures, etc. If you're only interested in the playmat and road tiles, there's a $100 pledge level that gives you $110 of credit. The playmats and road tiles are MUCH less expensive than ones I've seen on the 'net.