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Calidar: Alfdain Ascendant RPG Campaign Guide Up On Kickstarter

The elven kingdoms are at war. How will your players deal with these ancient armies clashing? That's what you'll find out in Calidar: Alfdain Ascendant, a new campaign guide for fantasy RPGs that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Calidar’s Series 3 project focuses on two warring realms of elves, cursed forests, druids, rangers, and living skyships.

Barring unforeseen production changes, the author, Bruce Heard, is pleased to announce the participation of Thorfinn Tait, master cartographer, and of Jeff Easley for the cover art. Joseph Garcia will contribute internal illustration (b/w inks) and Janet Deaver-Pack line and copy editing.

Depending on the chosen pledge level, Alfdaín Ascendant will include the following rewards:

· A Gazetteer: The core reward is 132 pages, color, 8.5" x 11", PDF format or printed (hardcover or softcover). This book is already written and most of its maps are in their final states as of June 2021.

· A Players’ Guide: About 26 pages, color, PDF format or softcover

· An Adventure Book: 24-68 pages or more, color, PDF format or softcover. The final page count will depend on stretch goals during the crowdfunding event. The more backers, the greater the adventure for the same price.

· Two Conversion Booklets: About 24 pages each, color, PDF format. They provide all game stats from the previous three titles specifically for use with Labyrinth Lord (tm) and OSRIC (tm).

Game System: Calidar is essentially rules agnostic. Game mechanics, concepts, and stats are written in a way that can be easily converted to mainstream TTRPGs (such as the two conversion booklets mentioned above).

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.