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Cafe Chaos Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Hitting someone in the face with a pie or tomato is just fun. I'm gonna say it. There. I did. But, you know, you really shouldn't waste food like that. Better to keep your food fights to tabletop games. And that's what you have in Cafe Chaos. *gets a banana cream pie to the face*

From the campaign:

Join me (James) and my friends in the world’s most chaotic food fight. Dodge, hide and throw epic food combos to avoid being eliminated. Who will reign supreme in this chaotic food frenzy? 

Each round of Cafe Chaos gets more chaotic as events are triggered in the school cafeteria. Watch out for school bullies, poisoned food and characters throwing epic food combos! 

Cafe Chaos cards feature art from "The Odd 1s Out" world. You'll recognize a few favorites - but I've added some original characters to this game as well. The booster packs will add to the fun and include some of my animator friends. 

So if you like food...and card games - this is the game for you. Help me make this card game a reality by backing Cafe Chaos today. And remember - wear your seatbelt!

The campaign's more than 25x funded with 28 days left to go.