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CYB_R Cyberpunk Setting For 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

A lot of people have used and are very familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons system of rules. But sometimes you don't want to play in a fantasy setting, but don't want to learn a new set of rules to get there. That's where something like CYB_R comes in. It's a setting book for D&D 5th Edition that lets you use the rules you know with cyberpunk setting you want.

From the campaign:

In the shadows of the corporate-owned cities, between the skyscraper headquarters and the luxury hotels, the desperate hone their skills and mod their tech. They seek that elusive edge. Mercenary or motivated, idealistic or just hungry; the street elite infiltrate, invade, and impersonate to make a buck off the giants of industry. This is the story of cybered-up outsiders slipping into the penthouse of dystopian accomplishment uninvited. It’s a retrofuturistic tale of defying the social order, the authorities, and the odds. 

CYB_R is a cyberpunk genre conversion for D&D's 5th edition, employing bleeding edge rules modifications to allow for cinematic gameplay and leveraging 5th edition's template-style character building to allow for characters that just seem cool from the get go. Characters are post-future adventurers, pulling gigs for and against the most powerful entities on the globe and they're looking rad doing it. Chrome limbs, boss haircuts, and padded shoulders are the norm. CYB_R is the bridge between the monsters of fantasy gaming and the neon future we all feared we’d be living in by now.

Each character class is modified from a tried and tested D&D class, with innovative archetypes providing access to gambits: an alternative to spells. Gambits allow for heroic stunts, explosive maneuvers, and creative hacking talents. It’s all about style and gambits allow each character to really shine in their area of expertise.