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CMON Releases New Zombicide: Invader Scenario

Another week, another scenario for a Zombicide game from CMON. This time, it's Invader. Can the Survivors make it through the Corridor of Doom? Or, will they become just another spicy meatball for the Xenos?

From the website:

We're halfway through our ZombiMadness Month and the Madness continues! This week's fan-made scenario is brought to you by Hannah Sjöstedt. 

Xenos attacked the intergalactic meatball factory and are now swarming its corridors in search of juicy meatballs. Which includes us! We must use the bot to blast our way through the Corridor of Doom!

(It is written in the rules for this scenario that if you win, you must eat a cinnamon roll. So prepare accordingly!)