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CMON Releases New Arcadia Quest Scenario

CMON has posted up a new, free scenario for Arcadia Quest over on their website. It's called Rotten Egg and it's the first of a new set of six scenarios they're coming out with composing a new campaign. Head on over and download it now.

From the post:

You thought the portals were the worst of the troubles for the city of Arcadia? How about monsters coming up through the sewers? Again. 

"Rotten Egg" is our latest scenario for that's playable with Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno in a new campaign we're calling Bedtime Again! Gather your Guildmates, Heroes! There's some monsters to slay and citizens to escort safely back to their home! After all, last one home is a rotten egg!

"Rotten Egg" is designed to be played after "A Portal Trouble", and a brand new campaign sheet is available for download along side the scenario as well. We plan on releasing a total of six scenarios, so stay tuned for the next one!