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CMON Releases Deep Breath Campaignf or Zombicide: Invader

They might've missed a week, but they're coming back with extra. This time around, instead of just a single scenario, CMON has posted up an entire mini-campaign for Zombicide: Invader. Head over and check out Deep Breath, a 3-part campaign where hopefully you'll make it out alive.

From the post:

There is something wrong with the ventilation system and over the course of three campaigns you will have to fix it, before the whole base turns into a suffocating oven!

Welcome to Deep Breath, a three-Missions campaign designed to let you play Zombicide: Invader all night long. The Gaming Night Mode allows you to play all night long without being bothered by sudden death. Defeated Survivors rise up in the middle of the battle to keep on fighting with their friends. Just be sure to play the Missions in order!