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CMON Previews the Regions in Trudvang Legends

CMON's next big storytelling board game is Trudvang Legends. In this preview, we get a look at the different regions of the land and what sort of things players can expect when heading out into them. There's also a render of a huge troll mini, because those are cool.

From the post:

This is an ancient land, filled with magic and mystery. The people who live here are hardy and rugged. Civilization exists, but it is sparse and separated by wide tracts of untamed wilderness. There are enormous, ancient forests. There are wide plains. There are archipelagos of unique islands. To the far north, a vast frozen expanse stretches for seemingly forever, so dangerous that it is said a man will only live for as long as he can stay awake. This is Trudvang, and this is the land in which players will travel around in the upcoming Trudvang Legends board game from CMON and Riot Minds. In this article, we’ll briefly explore the different regions on this mythical landscape.