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CMON Previews Stark Changes Coming in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

Well, I mean, they're Stark changes, not necessarily stark changes. I mean, some Stark changes could be stark, but not all Stark changes are stark changes. ... ... Just go look at what's being updated for the game already.

From the article:

While not as severe as the lands of the Free Folk, the Northern Regions of the Seven Kingdoms is still a harsh environment, and as a result, it breeds hearty and grizzled individuals with little natural weaknesses. A deep part of northern culture is also its sense of honor and loyalty to its Great House, and that House’s name is Stark. It is this sense of loyalty which sets House Stark apart from many of its rivals in the War of the Five Kings. While liege-houses bend the knee for wealth, power, glory, or merely following the charisma of greater leaders, the North embody an ideology of honor and commitment. They fight because it is right. Which, while a noble sentiment, also directly conflicts with how the majority of the world of Westeros works.

The Starks have a focus on aggression, emboldened by their cause to achieve victory at any cost- even if that cost are their own lives- after all, they are fighting for an ideal, and even should they fall, the North Remembers.