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CMON Previews More A Song of Ice and Fire Updates

The new year will bring changes to the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game from CMON. In this preview of some of those changes, we get a look at how various control elements of the game might be switching up with changes to some of the characters that epitomize it on the battlefield.

From the article:

Methods of controlling your opponent are important in any game, but they hold a special place among the political plots of A Song of Ice and Fire, and the tabletop is no exception.

Michael Shinall here, and today we are continuing our dive into the upcoming 2021 changes with a focus on the control elements of the game.

Before we get too deeply into things, just what do we mean by control? Well, basically everything that falls under the category of “preventing your opponent from doing something they want to do”. Such things as Tactics card denial, Ability loss, and general negatives/penalties applied to units.

Moving into 2021, this was one element that is getting specific focus in its application and availability. Specifically, control elements should usually fall under one of two categories: Faction-based, which would mean that the concept is built into the core-identity of a faction (Lannisters, looking at you), or, more commonly, Commander-based. One of the central aspects of the game is that your chosen Commander can radically change how even the same grouping of units plays when compared to another. Their play-styles should further reflect this. As such, when elements of control appear outside of a faction build around them, they should be limited to individual Commanders and not widely accessible.