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CMON Previews More A Song of Ice and Fire Updates

Tomorrow, we'll get the next full batch of updates for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. If you're like me, whenever a game you play is getting updated, you're chomping at the bit for every bit of info you can get. Will your favorite units change? Will a unit that gives you trouble get updated? What's going to happen in the meta? Well, to help out some, CMON has another preview of what changes will be coming, along with a look forward at the game after those updates hit the street.

From the post:

As we come upon the release of the 1.5 Night’s Watch and Free Folk Updates this Friday, let’s take a look at just what to expect moving forward in a Post v1.5 world.

Bannermen! Over the last few weeks we have taken a look at what the future holds for both the Night’s Watch and the Free Folk, and come this bloody Valentine’s Day, the full roster of updates will be available. This, combined with the previous Stark, Lannister, and Neutral changes officially mark the end of our v1.5 Update.

There are some remaining items to discuss, however!

The first, and perhaps most important, is touching on the actual updates themselves. We spoke about this when we initially announced them, but to make things full circle, we’ll touch on them here at the end as well. Essentially, its re-capping the exact reason why we wanted to do these updates to begin with, and that comes down to our overarching philosophy that wargames by their very nature are a full-investment hobby. You’re not just picking up a random box of miniatures to move around the table - you’re investing your energy and, most importantly, your hobby time into the game - From collecting, to painting, and perhaps actually playing the game as well. And with this comes personal investment - whether its in the characters you love, a faction’s tactics and playstyle, or just cool looking miniatures… And one of the worst feelings in the hobby is “I really like these guys… But they just don’t perform on the battlefield.” This is always something we strive to avoid, and it the primary reason behind our updates.

You should always be able to play what you think is cool and not feel bad about it.