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CMON Previews Modes of Play Using the Mayhem System

The Mayhem system is CMON's new board game system that they plan to utilize in different products, letting players mix and match their characters together while each one still retains its own flavor. In this preview of the system, we get a look at a couple different modes that the system can be used in.

From the article:

In our last article, we discussed the Mayhem System and how it incorporates the unique settings of the Looney Tunes and Teen Titians GO! universes. Today, we look at the various modes of play within the Mayhem System and how players can utilize the diverse cast of characters for new play experiences each time a Mayhem game is brought to the table.

Each Mayhem game comes ready to play right out of the box – this is the Standard Mode. Pick a box, set up the tiles for your board, create your team using characters from that universe, draw your Mayhem cards based on your team’s maximum hand size, and start the Mayhem! This mode can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players.

- In a 2-player game each player controls a team with 2 characters.

- In a 3-player game 2 players play as single team, each controlling 1 character, against the 3rd player's team, who controls 2 characters.

- In a 4-player game 2 teams are formed with 2 players, and each controls 1 character.

But, what about a cross-over episode with improbable teams? Or what if both players want to use the same character? What if I want to build… the MOST POWERFUL MAYHEM TEAM IN THE UNIVERSE?