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CMON Previews Modern Art Card Game

I may not know Art, but I know Steve and Trey. I also know what I like. You have maybe played the original Modern Art board game, where you all bid in different forms on all sorts of art pieces. Soon, the Modern Art card game will simplify the process while still giving you great pieces of art to vie for. In this preview, we get a look at just how this game will work.

From the article:

The world of art is filled with many extremely talented individuals. They use their medium of choice to evoke all manner of feelings, from nostalgia, to joy, to pain, to hate, to love, and everything in-between. Different museums and galleries clamor to get well-known and world-renown artist’s works into their collections. That is where you find yourself in Modern Art: The Card Game. This lighter version of Modern Art still sees players looking to collect and score the most valuable art collection in an all-new and quicker playing form. Let’s take a look at how this version works.