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CMON Previews Free Folk Changes in A Song of Ice and Fire

There are plenty of people in Westeros that don't hold allegiance to any of the major or minor Houses. One such group are the Free Folk, peoples from the far north that are heading south to find a place to live. In this preview of the changes coming to the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, we get a look at how these Free Folk will be updated.

From the article:

Good men and bad, heroes and villains, men of honor, liars, cravens, brutes ... we have plenty, as do you.” -Lady Val to Jon SnowThe Free Folk play-style can be summed up with one word: Horde. More than most any other faction, the Free Folk have access to numerous cheap options when it comes to the battlefield. Another key element of the Free Folk is Diversity. Each tribe brings its own style to the fight, and properly utilizing the various strengths, while mitigating weaknesses, will separate the best Free Folk players from the rest.

This time, instead of showcasing off a particular Commander, we’re instead going to talk about the numerous Combat Units the Free Folk have available, as well as their potent Attachments: