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CMON Previews Fort Hendrix Expansion For Zombicide

A new expansion has been previewed for Zombicide 2nd Edition. It's Fort Hendrix and it will take players into a military base overrun with zombies. You thought dealing with the claws and bites of zombies were bad enough. What about ones that still have their military weapons and still (sort of) know how to use them? That's going to certainly make things a bit tougher.

From the post:

Some Survivors suspected that the zombie outbreak was the military’s fault; some chemical or biological weapon experiment gone awry. Now, they’ve found themselves on the grounds of Fort Hendrix. Penny, another Survivor, is trying to get in, desperate to find her mother who lost somewhere on the base. It’s going to be a challenge, but every life needs to be spared in this world. Wait, is that zombie holding a gun?

Fort Hendrix is a new expansion coming for Zombicide 2nd Edition. Players make their way to the Fort Hendrix military base, going through the 10 interlocking missions. There are six new Survivors to choose from, each one highly-trained, with new skills to match. Many of their skills utilize the All-Out rules for equipment. These Survivors know how to use their equipment to the fullest in order to make it out of a combat zone alive.