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CMON Previews Followers of Bone

The Free Folk are a loosely-collected group of tribes and individuals that are just looking for some good land to call their own. Of course, they're going about this by brutally murdering anyone and everyone they happen to find along the way. And certain ones within that group are wearing the bones of their fallen foes. They're the Followers of Bone, and we get a look at how they work in this preview for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

From the post:

Conflict and combat are highly mental engagements. If one can cause their opponent to cower in fear of their attack, then the battle is halfway won. Creating a scary visage goes a long way to making your opponents fearful of your presence. In the Free Folk army, the Followers of Bone have allied themselves with the Lord of Bones, dutifully following him where he goes and fighting on his behalf. Their penchant for adorning themselves in all manner of bones as well as wielding them may seem crude, but it is still certainly effective. And while their attacks might not be as entirely effective as steel swords or plate armor, the effect on enemy morale more than makes up for it. Soon, Free Folk commanders will be able to add this disquieting unit to their ranks.