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CMON Previews Commander Changes in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

Commanders in an army in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game can drastically change the way a force plays not just because of the different abilities the minis have, but that they also bring different Tactics Cards to play. With the changes coming to the game soon, CMON wanted to give you a bit of a heads-up as to what will change with them.

From the article:

Bannermen! Fábio Cury, Lead Developer, here again with you to talk about Commanders this time.

As we stated in our previous Visions in the Flames, Characters have an important role in ASOIAF TMG because of their unique nature and how they can either reinforce a faction’s playstyle or bring something to the game that wouldn’t usually be available to that faction. The apex of this statement is embodied in the Commanders and today we’ll elaborate on our thought process for reevaluating them.

First and foremost, all Commanders should be unique in their own right. No two character are the same in the ASOIAF setting and this should be accentuated in Commanders. Although not all Commanders have necessarily Abilities unique to them, they do have a higher chance of having unique Abilities and Tactics Cards. That being said, when Commanders don’t have any unique Abilities or Cards, their whole “Kit” should be unique through the combination of existing effects.