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CMON Previews Baratheon Wardens for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

House Baratheon technically currently occupies the Iron Throne, with Joffrey Baratheon being seated there. However, Renly and Stannis, brothers of the now-dead Robert, are looking to take it for themselves, removing the Lannister influence entirely. They're headed to war and are bringing House Baratheon's large military with them. The mainline troops of that army are the Baratheon Wardens. Soon, players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be able to bulk up their forces with this unit's stand-alone box. Let's take a look at what they'll be getting.

From the post:

House Baratheon is the current occupier of the Iron Throne, captured by Robert Baratheon during his rebellion. With his death, there is a question about who should now occupy the seat. While Joffrey is there now, Robert’s brothers, Stannis and Renly, are also claiming to be the rightful heirs, and have taken to the field of battle to assert that right. Unfortunately, they have torn House Baratheon in two, forcing everyone to take sides. However, even with House Baratheon’s great military power divided, one may still have a chance, especially considering how well trained and equipped their troops are. Their mainline troops are the Baratheon Wardens. While the unit was first released in the Baratheon Starter Set, players will soon be able to pick up more units via the release of their individual unit box. Let’s take a deeper look into just what these troops are capable of.

The Baratheon Wardens are an economical unit, having a moderate 5 point cost but looking to have a strong impact on the battlefield, literally and figuratively. House Baratheon is well-known for heavily up-armoring their troops, sending them into combat fully clad in plate mail. The Wardens are no different. They have an impressive 3+ Defense Save, though this does slow them down to a Speed of just 4. They also have a respectable 6+ Morale, showing their confidence in putting one of the Baratheon brothers on the Iron Throne.