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CMON Posts Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead Intro

Night of the Living Dead changed the horror movie genre forever. Zombicide changed cooperative board gaming forever. It was only inevitable that these two giants were going to meet up. And soon they will be in Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead. In this intro, see what sort of elements have been incorporated into this new addition to both venerable franchises.

From the post:

Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, a new standalone addition to the Zombicide franchise, will bring two great horror franchises together. The George A. Romero movie set the standard for zombie movies. Meanwhile, Zombicide set the standard for cooperative zombie-fighting games. Both were filled with groundbreaking innovations. Bringing the two together has brought more innovations to bear. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the new elements in Zombicide that make it a loving homage to the movie that started it all.

In Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, players take on the role of the movie’s main characters, holed up in an isolated house while the dead come to life all around them. The original movie sees the few survivors hunkering for safety in the house as the ghouls, as they’re called in the film, pose a continuous threat from outside. It’s a tense psychological thriller full of gritty moods and dark themes. We’ve mixed this with Zombicide’s action as the survivors take the fight to the hordes of the undead. There are several ways that the game blends these two together.

For example, the game’s tiles recreate not only the interior of the house, but also the surrounding land. Fans of the movie will see that the house has been lovingly recreated in detail and they’ll be able to pick out specific elements from the film on the game board. This recreation has been updated with Zombicide’s usual movement system, with different spaces delineated for gameplay.