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CMON Posts Updated Solo Mode Arcadia Quest Rules

The pandemic continues and it's not looking like it'll end soon. So, keeping one's distance is still as important as ever. That means possibly playing your board games on your lonesome. Well, if you've been playing the Arcadia Quest solo rules and wish there was an update, you're in luck. That's just what we've got here.

From the update:

Greetings, Arcadians! Guilherme Goulart and Fred Perret here again, today to bring you update 1.2, in which we implement Arcadia Quest: Inferno, Whole Lotta Lava, Pets, and Beyond the Grave to the Solo Mode - there's plenty of new content added and some to discuss! There's also a rule development regarding how to determine the closest monster to a Spawn token.

As of the writing of this update we have over 240 entries on the form, which provide us with invaluable data to polish and tune the Solo Mode. Thank you for your continued support! We were glad to read that the clarifications of the rules on Update 1.1 seem to have solved some of your questions, but we saw 2 questions popping up:

• "Can I complete the same PvE Quest two times to get both Rewards Cards associated with it?"

• "The Spawn tile is almost full and during my turn I kill a number of enemies. After filling the Spawn tile, what should I do with the remaining figures?"

Following our philosophy of the Solo Mode to introduce as little new rules and exceptions as possible, for both questions the base rules of the game apply: players can only complete each Quest once (Inferno Rulebook pg. 26), and when the Spawn tile is full and more monsters are killed, the extra ones are simply removed from play (Inferno Rulebook pg. 24). Hope that clears it! This note has also been added to the 1.2 document.