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CMON Posts Trudvang Legends Design Diary 1

Trudvand Legends is the upcoming board game from CMON that takes the world of the Trudvang RPG and puts it... well, it was already on your tabletop, but now it's in a new form. In the first of the Design Diary articles from designer Eric M. Lang, we get a look at the inception behind the game.

From the post:

I encountered Trudvang as a game already in design concept stages (with my esteemed co-designers Fel Barros and Guilherme Goulart). An epic storytelling game in a living world (the board), with heroes and monsters (the toys) and stories inspired by the fantastic roleplaying game by Riotminds. Immediately I saw the potential to adapt this oral, mythic storytelling tradition to board game form and joined the team to embark on our most ambitious project to date.

And so was born Trudvang Legends.