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CMON Posts Rescue the Scientists Scenario for Zombicide: Invader

"Lock the doors. Close the shades. Stay quiet." It seemed like a good way to get the Xenos to just pass by. However, they've stuck around outside the doors. Now, it's up to the soldiers to get the scientists out of the lab they're stuck in. That's where you find yourself in the new Rescue the Scientists scenario for Zombicide: Invader.

From the post:

When this lab went under attack of the Xenos, the scientists decided to lock themselves in and wait for them to leave. We'll, they're not leaving, and now the scientists are trapped because the Xenos damaged the doors. Maybe not their smartest move. Well, brains failed, time for brute force!

It's time to Rescue the Scientists - the new scenario for Zombicide: Invader!