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CMON Posts New Zombicide Scenario

It's amazing how quiet a zombie apocalypse can be. A lot of noises we're used to in everyday life become very rare. So, when the Survivors hear a ringing phone, they simply have to go answer it. What they hear coming from the other end will change everyone's lives forever. CMON has posted up the first of a 3-part mini-campaign for Zombicide over on their website that you can download now.

From the article:

While looting a miraculously intact convenience store, you hear a strange noise... A phone was ringing. ā€œ... Iā€™m Bob... at the Power Stat... everything... the transformer will blow up... die... everyone... trapped... ā€ Bob is weak and needs rescuing!

This is the first scenario in a three-part mini campaign. Parts two and three will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks! Make sure to not miss it to learn the end of the story.