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CMON Posts New Zombicide Scenario

The world has ended. The zombie apocalypse assured that. Now, with few surivivors left, everyone's clawing for what meager resources are left. When rival groups look to occupy the same territory that's not big enough for the two of them, there's bound to be a fight. It's survivor vs. survivor vs. zombies in this new scenario for Zombicide.

From the post:

Every survivor needs a home base if they want to have a chance to live. How dare they try to take yours! You will kill them all if that’s what is takes – zombies and survivors alike!

Have you ever played Zombicide in competitive mode? This Scenario has no estimated play time or difficulty - is all depends on the skill (and luck) of the people involved. You will be playing to two teams, so, more than ever: team up, gear up, level up, take 'em down!