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CMON Posts New Zombicide Chronicles Scenario

The holidays mean something different during a zombie apocalypse. They can be seen as a quaint get-away from the everyday terror. But that doesn't mean the terror can't still come and find you. Check out Hall Marked For Death, a new Zombicide Chronicles scenario available now from CMON.

From the post:

The Holidays used to be something we looked forward to. We loved the Holidays, or loved to hate them. Now, being a Scrooge is a life skill, and being the Grinch is a valid method of survival.

In this special holiday scenario for the Zombicide: Chronicles RPG, hop aboard the Polar Express, a completely remodeled old steam train, and let's go to the suburb of Tinsel! They were expecting large amounts of tourists that last holiday season before the zombie apocalypse and stocked up. But of course, we have to leave before the zombies come... or that snow storm, for that matter.